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  2. https://www.1-day.co.nz/competitions/win-a-gift-card/uuid/fad5026ec7154048ac5b85a2212c6c8e?fbclid=IwAR0xvZvFfp6i1FVuInfPtkv5JNrszakpXCqvw7pSnyLjbvPnLm6kiUO3y2w
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  4. @AchievementHunt any chance of the unboxing stream from the start of this month being uploaded to the site or youtube?

  5. 9 Most Beautiful Hilltop Towns in Italy https://t.co/HTWrhr0pL4 https://t.co/YkHaWVhcZP

  6. Last week
  7. Win a Remington Quick Groom valued at RRP$199.99 thanks to @NZDads https://t.co/DpojSPLCeh

  8. PB Tech 12 Days of Christmas

    Here's another one - it says you only have to fill out the form once to be in all 12 days' prize draws (you don't have to be a customer, but you will get added to their mailing list for junk emails)...
  9. This competition has already started, but you can still be able to enter the previous days draws - all of the prize draws are taking place on 18 December. Unfortunately, as well as just filling in the form, this competition also uses the silly Pyramid-scheme referral system (link above is not a referral) to increase entries, so the chances of winning are far lower than sensible competitions.
  10. It's another idiotic referral Pyramid Scheme-style ... which means because you've referred everyone interested here, the rest of us don't have a lower chance.
  11. I just checked out 2 screw driver sets, 6 phone cords 2 torches and 2 manicure sets for xmas good luck everyone join today
  12. Great Christmas gifts for travellers! - Blogger at Large https://t.co/qaCzphYiFk https://t.co/NUFCBH1PTD

  13. https://t.co/hMcKNj6VT7

  14. A recall notice from yesterday's NZ Herald (6 December, 2018) ...
  15. Hi want the above?Click here and sign up I have redeemed out lots of goods from AllGoods. You only need a few points to get a reward.https://allgoods.co.nz/register?referer=3177
  16. https://wn.nr/Pwnk84 Good luck all Merry Christmas
  17. win 500 dollars wroth of mens or womans clothing
  18. Why It's Okay to Visit a Place Twice https://t.co/Sx8GnKxaHw https://t.co/nEYVTyjz2h

  19. More peanut allergen recalls for Tresor / Tresor Dore branded chocolate products from yesterday's NZ Herald (4 December, 2018) ...
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  21. Surprising things you can't actually capture in holiday photos https://t.co/vyrjuhAmUB

  22. @charlescoxhead YESS!!

  23. do you want to earn some survey cash

    The problem with many of these is that they only give out vouchers, and some can take a while to come through and in some cases expire relatively quickly. That means, unless you can pre-plan what you want, you can't use the rewards very easily. The best ones are the places that can pay to a PayPal account. That is quick and easy, so you can get the money almost instantly. You can then use the money in online shops or have it deposited into your real bank account ... either way it doesn't expire or get lost (unless you forget your PayPal account login details!).
  24. Instagram giveaways

    I've found heaps of competitions on Instagram and most of them require friend tagging so if anyone would like to add me on there here's my user name: amie.g.91
  25. do you want to earn some survey cash

    I just claimed $60 in vouchers from Perceptive Panel in 3 months, the best survey rewards I've ever had.
  26. win a $500 dollar pressie card for xmas
  27. Facebook Groups win win win for christmas
  28. @RaunCarswell @GavinFree Sony did that in ~2014 'Ice Bubbles' TV ad, not available online in 4k(1080p on youtube) b… https://t.co/uOIb0FT4Wr

  29. NZCity 24 Days of Xmas is back again!

    if anyone is interested I have two email addys if you need them I dont send many emails now but willing to exchange to go into the draw Thanks
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