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  2. Win an Ipad

    Win an Ipad - Worlds first AR Māori Alphabet book Launch Contest https://wn.nr/rXd26S
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  4. How to delete pics

    Thanks both of you! Deleting the posts doesn't delete the pic from "my attachments" so I've bookmarked tinypic and will use that.
  5. The most heart-wrenching exhibition in the world - Blogger at Large https://t.co/ImDVw7DAKq https://t.co/ho8LjYQRtB

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  7. A recall notice from yesterday's NZ Herald (17 February, 2018) ...
  8. A recall notice from yesterday's NZ Herald (17 February, 2018) ...
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  10. RT @ScanComputers: #Scancomp WIN a @SamsungUK SSD bundle pack worth over £400! Enter Here: https://t.co/hwVoXzYkBB Pack includes a 500GB 86…

  11. Where to go for a remote, hidden gem holiday - Blogger at Large https://t.co/4CVwmedjY9 https://t.co/JDlrK2yT53

  12. How to delete pics

    From the "My attachments" page you can go directly to the message using an attachment - possibly deleting the message also deletes the attachment. That's about the only way I can see that might do it. There's certainly no options in "My attachments" itself to delete them. It's easier to use an image hosting website like TinyPic.com which is free, has no limits (other than perhaps massive images), and the images stay available forever.
  13. How to delete pics

    Hi Tower, I don't use "my attachments" but you could try right clicking on the pictures you want to delete and see if that menu comes up with the option required. PM me if it does not work, there are other possibilities I am sure.
  14. I just entered to #win a $250 Amazon Gift Card and you can too! #AmazonGiveaway #Giveaway https://t.co/ZzlMPGbsMx

  15. Thailand: 10 awesome things to do in Bangkok - https://t.co/2jGFBHfpZq https://t.co/eRLzQO1Wvo

  16. Maybelline Giveaways

    Replying to my own thread, smh! Sorry new to the forum still figuring it out. Beauty Review who are running the above giveaway have a competitions page too. (www.beautyreview.co.nz/competitions) I've won a couple of times through them and found them really great to deal with. They announce the winners on the actual competition too which I like. Hope this is the right info to include!
  17. You could win a Maybelline product here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1532233433542597&id=295235853909034
  18. How to delete pics

    I've run out of space in my pics folder but can't figure out how to delete the old ones in "My attachments". Help!
  19. How to delete pics

    I've run out of space in my pics folder but can't figure out how to delete the old ones in "My attachments". Help!
  20. WIN a wine weekend for two in beautiful Marlborough! Just tell us your favourite NZ winery and sign up to our newsletter and you could this trip valued at more than $2000! http://woobox.com/znurnx/jz97o2
  21. Win a weekend in Sydney

    This one was advertised in today's NZ Herald. Sign up for junk emails, and spam your friends for two extra chances (the link below is not a referral link - I'm not even entering the competition) ...
  22. Review of Antler luggage - https://t.co/TOqoCx6lIr https://t.co/eZbIppvbWd

  23. LOVE the shoes and sandals from @XeroShoes. Check 'em out and #WIN a $100 gift certificate: https://t.co/mwhMNGpTWy #livefeetfirst

  24. Win $150 Restaurant Association NZ vouchers

    Thanks heaps for this Buzz - be lovely for my son & daughter in law with their first wedding anniversary coming up early March.
  25. I've just seen that from February 2018 the ParcelPost untracked parcels for rural is now $3.70. It used to be only the Tracked Parcels you had to pay extra for if it was rural. I've been caught out as sent something yesterday and had to pay the extra.
  26. From beachside bites to BBQ delights, we've rounded up 20 delicious, nutritious plant-powered recipes - perfect for summer entertaining. Plus when you download your free ebook, you'll go in the draw to win 1 of 5 Kambrook prizes. Enter here: http://woobox.com/o4ouv3/jz1t1c
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  28. Undersea helmet diving in Moorea - Blogger at Large - https://t.co/JtyTJ9hsor https://t.co/9uCdIIv9Pt

  29. Enter to win a $50 #Amazon Gift Card in this awesome #Giveaway from @readers_realm https://t.co/3mEEkV4qzQ

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