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  1. From an advert in today's NZ Herald (20 June, 2018) ...
  2. Changing Coro Night Again!

    Good grief, TVNZ never ever learns! Barely two weeks after the "changes" and they're already mucking about with the new night-time Coronation Street 2018 episodes ... this time it's because an episode of MasterChef Australia is longer than usual, they are shortening Coronation Street 2018 on Thursday, 28 June to half an hour (starts at 10:10pm) and playing an extra half an hour episode Tuesday, 26 June (starts at 9:30pm).
  3. A recall notice from today's NZ Herald newspaper (1 June, 2018) ...
  4. A recall notice from yesterday's Suburban Newspapers (17 May, 2018) ...
  5. Changing Coro Night Again!

    TVNZ is mucking about with Coronation Street ... yet again!! Now, as well as shifting time slots, they're stupidly going to have both behind-the-UK and up-with-the-uk episodes playing at the same time to confuse everyone.
  6. A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (24 April, 2018) ...
  7. A medical recall notice from today's NZ Herald (20 April, 2018) ...
  8. Changing Coro Night Again!

    For those who watch it, Coronation Street is scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this coming week .. but NOT Saturday. Mucking about with it yet again!
  9. Food Recall: Lotte Choco Pie

    A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (13 April, 2018) ...
  10. Changing Coro Night Again!

    ALL of next week's regular shows on TV One have also been dumped for the silly Commonwealth Games.
  11. A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (4 April, 2018) ...
  12. Changing Coro Night Again!

    Proving they will never ever learn, the morons in management at TVNZ have ditched Coronation Street (and everything else on TV One and Duke) for the silly Commonwealth Games - there's no regular shows at all starting this Thursday, both day time and evening. An idiotic decision, especially since they are also starting a Games Extra pop-up channel on Freeview especially for the Commonwealth Games.