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  1. do you want to earn some survey cash

    A week or so ago I got $350 transferred to PayPal (and then my bank account) from various survey sites, plus a couple of gift vouchers ... but it has taken a LONG time to get to that total. Still got piles of gift vouchers in other survey sites that have built up over about 15 or so years doing surveys. Problem is that the physical ones can take so long to get to you (2 to 6 weeks was one estimate) that it's difficult to use them because you can't get them when you need them. Although, the JB Hi-Fi ones I did get quickly via email had an expiry date of 2117 (probably because they changed to having gift cards that don't expire, but on their computer system it was easier to just set it as 99 years). Valued Opinions finally got back to me ... two weeks later! I now have to send them the non-working phone number, so I guess I'll have to wait another two weeks for them to do something with that information.
  2. do you want to earn some survey cash

    You do tend to get quite a few emails saying there is a new survey, only to follow the link and find there isn't one. Sometimes it will simply be that they've already had enough replies, but a lot of the time I think it's simply a marketing thing to keep their name in your mind and there isn't really a survey at all. Occasionally they do screw up the email and the link doesn't even work properly. It does take a long time to build up rewards points, so it's not even remotely useful as a job replacement. The competitions.co.nz one gives you five points just for each day's visit the website, whether or not there are any surveys, and five points for a survey even if you are screened out. Sometimes there are surveys on your account page on the website that you don't get emailed about, so it's worth visiting there every day - five points for visiting, another 10 for being screened out of a couple of surveys, it all increases the points total. (I think there's a another one that also has the daily visit points, but I can't ever remember which one it is.)
  3. do you want to earn some survey cash

    On second thought, you might want to avoid Valued Opinions. I've been trying to redeem some of my rewards points, but the system wants to send an SMS verification message to a mobile phone I don't have. I've sent two messages to them and got no reply in two weeks other than the initial automated "we'll look into it" responses. All I want to do is change the phone number, but it's not even listed in the user account. Hopeless!
  4. I just stumbled across this website while looking for something else ... ChoiceCheapies It lists New Zealand sales, deals, coupons, vouchers, discounts, freebies, and competitions.
  5. Food Recall: Veesey Egg Free Mayo

    A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (3 October, 2018) ...
  6. Food Recall: Pams Couscous 

    A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (29 September, 2018) ...
  7. Time to stupidly muck about with the clocks again.
  8. A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (28 September, 2018) ...
  9. Starting from from Monday, 8 October, 2018, Countdown will no longer be giving customers so-called "single use" plastic shopping bags at the checkout to carry their shopping in. Yet they'll still be using truly single use plastic bags to wrap up bananas, cauliflowers, etc., as well as all the plastic packaging on almost every other item on the shelves! No doubt they'll now start stocking packs of plastic bags for people to buy who actually do use shopping bags for various uses (collecting dog poo, rubbish bin liners, storage bags, internal packaging for parcels to stop items getting damaged in the rain, etc.). Yet again, everyone loses out because a few lazy fools can't be bother to re-use or sensibly dispose of their bags.
  10. Another Pyramid scam-style "referral competition" to build the websites emailing list. If you didn't get in at the very start, forget it, you're not going to win anything.
  11. Not an official recall advert, but this is in today's New Zealand Herald (25 September, 2018) ..
  12. Not really a recall, but due to the moronic stupidity of needles being put into strawberries, Countdown are advising people to cut up strawberries before eating them or they can return them for a refund ... and
  13. A recall notice from today's NZ Herald (21 September, 2018) ...
  14. Midea Appliances

    This is from an advert in today's NZ Herald (21 September), but I can't see anything on their Facebook page about it yet. Maybe tomorrow / Saturday when it's their Grand Opening ...
  15. Downton Abbey movie confirmed

    The movie now has a scheduled release date ...