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  1. https://www.1-day.co.nz/competitions/win-a-gift-card/uuid/fad5026ec7154048ac5b85a2212c6c8e?fbclid=IwAR0xvZvFfp6i1FVuInfPtkv5JNrszakpXCqvw7pSnyLjbvPnLm6kiUO3y2w
  2. I just checked out 2 screw driver sets, 6 phone cords 2 torches and 2 manicure sets for xmas good luck everyone join today
  3. Hi want the above?Click here and sign up I have redeemed out lots of goods from AllGoods. You only need a few points to get a reward.https://allgoods.co.nz/register?referer=3177
  4. https://wn.nr/Pwnk84 Good luck all Merry Christmas
  5. win 500 dollars wroth of mens or womans clothing
  6. win a $500 dollar pressie card for xmas
  7. Facebook Groups win win win for christmas
  8. do you want to earn some survey cash

    I Just cashed out 80 dollars for paypal from Toulna so it is worth doing
  9. win a 500 dollar jewelry voucher from addison good luck
  10. aaron11 StarSenior Member Join Date Sep 2007 Posts 954 win a $800 dollar cold press juicer open to NZ
  11. https://www.1-day.co.nz/competitions/2018-iphonex-comp/uuid/3148f2f858fb401abbdfae8fcfefc9af
  12. win 10,000 AllGoods shares worth $9000 and other prizes
  13. http://www.glassons.com/win/vOfz1TqaDgyN6h4U wow ! win $1000 dollar glassons voucher open to NZ good luck. The Brandman.
  14. https://wn.nr/QGZWrM this is great good luck all
  15. https://win.snappy.co.nz/r/466 win one of three dewalt powertools good luck allAaron the Brandman