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  1. China - Grab One voucher

    Hi BB Just saw this posted today on trademe.co.nz/communities/travel which will be of interest to you We just came back 1 month ago from a trip to china with sinorama. They have lots of different packages we did the 15 day dream of china tour. All the hotels were beautiful and yes they were 5 star not as above suggesting 5 star is only 3 star. All the meals were fabulous the tour guide was amazing he stayed with our group for the whole 2 weeks then we also got specialist guides in the different cities. The only issue with china is there is lots of travelling between sights so you get used to the inside of a bus we were the youngest in our group most were in their 50's and up but were a great group to travel with. This tour would suit pretty much most people you don't need to be super fit to do it. example we walked right up to tower 12 at the great wall but most others only made it a fraction of the way we had a meeting point at the bottom so you could go as far as you wanted too, without holding anyone else back or being held back. We thought it was great value for money and extremely well organised.
  2. China - Grab One voucher

    Sorry I can not recall the hotel in Beijing but our days were so fill I didn't take any private evening trips. The hotel reception where all very helpful
  3. China - Grab One voucher

    Sounds good. You can also hire the rickshaw ride around the hutong independently. . We didn't go up Yellow Mountain so can not comment on this. Yes I find that the "spectacular scenery" when traveling is often not comparable with NZ. We were in Chile and my fellow travelers were ouing and ahing about the scenery and I thought it was just like the waterfalls and bush near home and looked like Lake Taupo and the mountains. I prefer to see something different.from home. Go with an open mind and enjoy.
  4. China - Grab One voucher

    Have you seen this site? TripADeal.com.au Prices in $aus from Austrakian cities.
  5. China - Grab One voucher

    No the hotels were not out. Often dinner was late so I didn't go out again. Do not feel pressure into buying at any outlet. Alot of things you can pick up at the markets cheaper. Did you choose The Golden Mask Dynasty? It was really good.
  6. China - Grab One voucher

    I purchased a China grab one voucher a few years ago. The company was Nexus Holidays. It was so good i booked another 2 trips with them. No problems at all. Everything as stated. Tiring but great.
  7. I think this is an extension of the normal credit card guarantee. I never accept cc payments.
  8. Happy New Year

    Best wishes for 2017 all I have been away for a week and shortly away for a month. Hope you have lots of wins while I am away
  9. thanks and welcome