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  1. https://www.groupy.co.nz/birthday-prize-draw/MjMzMzU%3D
  2. Any Jobs For An Accounting Graduate Out There?

    Gee Buzz a bit OTT. Lol I was having this discussion at work last week, I employ quite a few people and the no.1 quality I am looking for is "attitude". You can teach anyone anything but if they haven't got the right attitude then it is pointless. I would try door knocking and leaving CV's, also Toastmasters is a good way to network and get contacts. Also off yourself for work experience at a voluntary org. whilst looking to get some experience etc.
  3. Light-Proof Milk Bottles

    An example of a company with a monopoly in the marketplace that they can spend heaps of money on so called "product innovation" because cash flow is strong etc.
  4. Countdown Win

    Well done hard to win those one comps
  5. Two Surprise Parcels In One Day

    Well done Tower
  6. Merry Xmas To All And Thanks.

    Merry Xmas to everyone as well, Be Merry, be Happy, drive safely, and don't forget Santa is always good to those who "believe, make a gift to the City Mission etc of an old prize or some food Plus a big thanks to everyone for posting and making this a great comping site.
  7. Ban Public Fireworks Sales!

    Well I am repsonsible and me and my boys and Mrs Blue have a great time letting a few off - I go to Warehouse on Guy Fawkes night when they are marking them down got 2 $30 packs for $30. What I don't like is heaps of fireworks being bought when the kids look like they need clothes and food. As for banning there are responsible people and the idiots should be delat with too easy to take things away these days, not much given back. But it cant be nice having dickhead neighbours
  8. New Tv Shows

    Good the Doc is back - as much as like thrones the books are still better.
  9. Guess What Mr Courier Delivered Today...

    Nice win for both of you
  10. Does Anyone On Here Play My Lotto

    At any time you can withdraw your winnings into the nominated bank account you use. The new site is alot better as well.
  11. Wow Just Won An Awesome Prize..

    Well done Jewellz great prize! They have just completed a major makeover at Rainbow Springs check the website.
  12. Trash Pack Series 1

    The boys got series 2 in Australia - it is orange - plus it was all quite a bit cheaper than here. Look on ebay.com.au
  13. Product Testers

    So with the smoke test did they check you for lung cancer at the end
  14. Telstraclear Or Telecom For Broadband/phone

    What package have you got and how much now Jaybee
  15. Telstraclear Or Telecom For Broadband/phone

    I would wait Jaybee and see where the market is in the next 24 months - landlines will be a thing of the past for more and more people as mobile calling rates drop.