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  1. What happened

    I thought you were all a gonner!!!
  2. Very clever Buzz - certainly gets your thinking cap zooming around. Well done.
  3. Downton Abbey movie confirmed

    How superb - will look forward to this
  4. Product Recall: Yamaha Manual Inflation Life Jackets

    Thanks Buzz for this info. - my son's is older than this recall thank goodness.
  5. Whitcoulls Kids' Top 50: Win $100 Gift Cards

    Thanks for this Buzz
  6. Thanks Buzz - took me a while, but got through it. Love to win a prize now!
  7. Whitcoulls Top 100: Win $100 Gift Cards

    Thanks Buzz - voted
  8. win $1000 dollar glassons card

    Thanks Aaron - teenage daughter would love to do a shopping trip with me!
  9. China - Grab One voucher

    Thanks so much for this info Jack. Just read it out to hubby who was extremely interested. He's actually said he was in denial about going to China, but is now starting to look forward to going. I have been with trade me for years, but didn't know about a travel site. Thanks again Jack.
  10. China - Grab One voucher

    Oh good as I was hoping we could hire the rickshaw ride ourselves. I looked at Nexus holidays and they seemed to stay at the Wyndham Beijing North Hotel also. Is this where you stayed and is it easy to get a bus or train from town back?
  11. China - Grab One voucher

    Thanks heaps for this Jack. Interesting to note that markets are cheaper than the outlets as there are a few they take you around. I actually googled The Golden Mask Dynasty and decided to book this with the company. So pleased you recommended it. We are staying the first 3 nights at the Wyndham Beijing North (which seemed quite far out) & plan to do the Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City with the tour in the morning then head off on our own after lunch to see the pandas at the Beijing Zoo and wandering the streets instead of doing the afternoon tour of Temple of Heaven, rickshaw around the hutong and have a Beijing duck. I'm looking into catching a bus or train back to the hotel and if this fails catch a taxi. Did you go up Yellow Mountain in Huangshan? It costs $179 each & thought NZ has such spectacular scenery that this is just another mountain and if it's raining then couldn't see anything anyway. No not seen that site, but will look at it now. Thanks
  12. China - Grab One voucher

    Thanks for this Jack as hubby is a little apprehensive. I saw Nexus and both companies stay at pretty much the same places. Is the accommodation very far away from the cities? I've booked 5 excursions out of 7 with them, but as you say it does look like you are on the go every day. We're flying into Beijing (won't tell us the airline until a month before, but we need to get from Wgtn to Ak on flights so am hoping there are some deals). Catch the bullet train down to Suzhou, onto Hangzhou, Huangshan and then onto Shanghai. It's 11 days'. If you have any tips or advise I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  13. China - Grab One voucher

  14. China - Grab One voucher

    Hi - Has anyone bought a grab one voucher for China? I've just bought 2 travel vouchers and the company is Sinorama Travel. Love to hear of any body else who has purchased and their experiences. I've had a look on Trip Advisor and some speak well of them and some don't.
  15. Changing Coro Night Again!

    I don't know why also. They have a new channel with all the Commonwealth Games on this so goodness knows what they are up to??? Will we ever understand their logic!